just a little girl in the world (ishfirf) wrote in seattle_q_poly,
just a little girl in the world

Tonight at the Studio in Seattle 11/27

Did you hear about last weeks play party at Studio 120? It was amazing! Jerry has really gone and outdone himself again. The Studio looks great and you couldn't ask for a more gracious host. Tonight's party promises to be even better than last weeks' party. Doors open at 7:00pm and the play goes on all night. The entrance will only be $15 a person. If you haven't anounced you will be there this evening you had better do so, space will be filling up quickly. The studio is also available for rent for private parties or photo shoots. To get directions and RSVP, email Jerry @ gswime@aol.com or call him @ (206) 898-7435; if you can not reach him you may call my guy (Jarrett) @ (253)405-9652. We will both be there early; so if you're looking for someone to meet to show you around and introduce you to the regulars, either ask our host Jerry or feel free to ask us if he is busy. So, if you're newer, you're invited to come have a look and see what the public scene is all about. And if you have been in the Lifestyle for a while, grab your toy bags and get on over to Studio 120. We'll see you tonight,

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