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seattle_q_poly's Journal

Seattle Queer Poly
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This is an intentional community of self-identified queer people in the greater Seattle area that are interested in polyamory or in poly/open/non-monogamous relationships.
We define polyamory broadly as inclusive of all intimate relationships outside monogamy. We hope this community well include people who engage in a diverse range of relationship styles, structures, and sexual practices.

This community is a safe space for all queer sexual and gender identities. /ethnic/racial/ability identities

Agreements (in true poly fashion):
1. All members will respect each other's ideas. It is okay (great, even!) for members to disagree with each other and engage in critical dialogue. However, this will be done in a respectful, non-combative manner. Tips: use "I" statements whenever possible. Critique the person's ideas, not the person themselves.
2. This community is open to people who are "poly-curious." It is okay to have questions and/or doubts about how polyamory fits your life. However, hostility toward poly/open relationships will not be tolerated.
3. We consider opposing bigotry of all kinds to be a core value. This means racism, classism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism and all other forms of oppressive belief systems... to be continued...